Thursday, August 5, 2010

the girl :D

im startin to like her man.i do.when she's not in front of ma face,my heart wont stop thinkin about her.i think i wanna approach her to be ma part of my life.but im afraid that she wont accept me and mybe this will ruin our friendship.i dont know man!i love her.can anyone give me some help?i think im gonna tell how my feelings towards her.mampus lahh ape nk jadi,jadi lahh! i cant stop it anymore.

its gettin harder man!

the challenges that i have to face.this sem so fuck man.sculpture,time based,painting,repeat ctu ag..perghh..pnat dohh.but what can i do,just face it with a smile.a life without challenge will be boring kan?sem ni pon makin byk lahh drama2.haha
ak xphm tol more problem,money man!duit abis cm air lahh sial.kejap je abiss.xtau lahh g mane duet tuhh.haaha :D xpelahh,ifan,u hve to be strong,dont give up.u can DO IT! hahahaha choww! :D