Friday, December 31, 2010


here we spirit,new life,new target,and get more new happiness.i hope this 2011 is gonna be more great than before.theres no azam baru,haha :D just the same as old azam.wish gonna be more great than before.thats all.hopefully,insyaallah..2010,now u have become my history.if i could,let bygones be bygones.moves 2010,got more things that i cant forget.there are more great great times,(and also sad times).there are too many.i cant name it.hahaha.okay its time to make a new life.haha jyyeeeaahhhhhh!! :DD

Friday, December 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


haha lame sial xbangun pagi.rase laen lakk.from deep in my heart,serious best bangun pagi.rase fresh jee.(walaupun aku xckup tdo).bau angin angin pagi.sumpah best! have to control lahh my life.its already goin crazy.hmmmphh! HAHA :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010


this is my artwork and a lil bit my friends work in semester 3.hope this sem gonna be more better than before! challos! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUE!just wanna say that hope u have a great life and have all of cheerful in your life.may allah bless u girl.u are the best for me. happy birthday dear! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


man,i cant stop thinking about her.i always dream about her.serious i never felt like this before.for me,she is so special.her laugh,the way she talks,all lahh! this day,i go out and find a present for her birthday.but i dont know what to give i text to her but i lied to her because i dont want she know that im buying a present for asked her 'what a things that a girl always like?'.she said she dont know.okay lahh.then i ask her,where she at? then she replied she go out with her friend name syuk.!damn! it was hurt man.serious she wanna make me jealous?i dont know.u...the present is for u.ok.serious im jealous.i cant control it anymore man.yesterday was the best day in my life.going home with her,ride a bus with her.we had a long conversation.but when she wanna go back home,my heart was said,plss dont leave me.stay with me.then when i shake her hand,i felt that i wanna hold her hand tight and dont wanna let her leave.but i cant do nothing.because she is not mine.god,pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i like herr so muchh! :(

BBQ with classmates!

This BBQ was held also at Teluk Batik on was fun night.the best part is im drivinf a van!first time in my life.truthly it was horrible.not how the driving but the condition of the was fuck!but pg mampos lahhh.all of my classmates was there except balqis and nik.why u guys dont want to come?hmm..rugi.the cooking part was control by murni and the transportation by me.the night was really great and thanks to you all guys cuz celebrate my birthday eventhough its too early.haha.nevermind that night just had a bit dissapointed because teluk batik was rain.xkesahh lahh.redahh sudahhh.kannn? haha.lastly wanna say that is wass fucking great! hahaa LOVE U ALL :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the new choc

OMG!i have turned to 19.haha.dh tue dh aku.on 6.10 i've turned to 19.i wish that after this,i will become a new more matured,thinking positive and different from all my fellas,thanks for all the wishes.i really appreciate that man!love u guys and also thanks to my parents cuz have raise me till u guys!k lahhh CHALOS!! :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

uitm perakk

arghhhhhhhhhh!! nk blik sne dhh.nk face up so much prob.shit!cuti xpuas ag dohhh.goodbye KL,hello S.I :D

the girl :)

man,i like her so much.i've told her that i like her and start to love first she like speechless and a bit sounds happy.she told me that she want to think.i said its okay.take a time.i dont push u to make a decision.okay.last two days,she told me about this.she said that she's not ready yet for a serious relationship and she afraid that mybe someday she hurt me and this will make the relationship 6 of us will brake.she dont want it and she said especially me.she also tell me that actually she likes me 2 but she's not ready yet.hmmm..that is her decision.i cant force her.i said that i've think about 6 of us 2..i dont want to lose us and also especially u.maybe someday u will accept me.we just go with the flow rite? i said dont make it okay.i dont know how to face her at the class.god,pls help me.i really2 like her.i dont know how to do it anymore.last night i cant sleep.i kept thinking about her.juliani johari,u have take my heart.hmm..i think i just have to accept it.irfan,kuatkan semangat!ok. :(

Friday, September 17, 2010

shit,i have fall in love with them! :D

nike hi tops,nike air,i dont know why they are soo fucked up!thats hot mann!i dont care,i want to gain some money and make this mine! :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

RAYA 2010

i want to say SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my families,my frens and anyone knows me.firstly,i wanna ask an apologise to u all.if i've had done anything wrong to u all,pls forgive me k.this picture was taken by my bro(izzaz).thanks!we celebrate this raya at umah cik bedak,negeri sembilan and on a second raya baru pg sentul.this raya was great,eventho rmi yg xjoin skali.haha.lastly i wanna thank to all yg kasi sye duet raya!especially ayah! SELAMAT HARI RAYE. :))

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BBQ at Teluk Batik :)

this is the third bbq that me and my frens is been held in teluk batik at 12.00 was very fun.sume ad.this time xde langsung bdak2 yg xknal.sume knal.xde lahh yg nak tarik muke ke,ape kee.time ni yg ad,aku,UK,naim fathul,andy,alanz,fath(awek alan),muaz,mayat,wan,payed,shaz,yol,shazzil,panjang,pija,ju,umar,manjid and ader bdak xigt ah name dye.spe mmg sumpah rmi and best.i wont forget this memories :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the girl :D

im startin to like her man.i do.when she's not in front of ma face,my heart wont stop thinkin about her.i think i wanna approach her to be ma part of my life.but im afraid that she wont accept me and mybe this will ruin our friendship.i dont know man!i love her.can anyone give me some help?i think im gonna tell how my feelings towards her.mampus lahh ape nk jadi,jadi lahh! i cant stop it anymore.

its gettin harder man!

the challenges that i have to face.this sem so fuck man.sculpture,time based,painting,repeat ctu ag..perghh..pnat dohh.but what can i do,just face it with a smile.a life without challenge will be boring kan?sem ni pon makin byk lahh drama2.haha
ak xphm tol more problem,money man!duit abis cm air lahh sial.kejap je abiss.xtau lahh g mane duet tuhh.haaha :D xpelahh,ifan,u hve to be strong,dont give up.u can DO IT! hahahaha choww! :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010


im at rahmath with yol and manjit and watching the FINAL WORLD CUP.hahahaha
ak sokong spain and hope that spain gonna win this world cup.eventhough my fav team xpelahh.hahahha k lah.chalos.GO ESPANA!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


at last,aku dah sampai dh kt perak.i have to face the journey again.hope this sem gonna be great.hope sgt2.selama dua bulan ni,byk gler prob yg dtg.saman,kete rosak,clash,money and so many more.can't count it.but anyway,i had a great holiday.thx all to my frens and family cuz always support me.ayah,mak,along,sadiq,qist,alep,adam,ecai,joe,manjit,cuki and all to my fellas.thanx!i love u all!hahahahaha :D
now,uitm seri iskandar,HERE I COME! :DDD

Sunday, June 27, 2010

lastly :D

akhirnya,me and nurul nadia had broken sory sayang,i dont love u trying to love u back,but i cant.u had disappeared from ma life.i cant take it anymore,after what i've been through all this.u cheat at me,makes my heart brokes.i give u a chance but u never want to change it.u still doin the same thing.why huh?now,ko rase ape yang ak rase dulu.hows my heart feel.i've do everything to makes u change,but nothing,u want to blames me bcoz i never had a times for u.think dlu lahh.jgn nk men ckp jee.tgk kt cermin,ko tuh sory.hope u wont find me again,and i wont come back to u.ok.have a great life,change ur attitude,find a new one!thanks what hve u done for me. ok so long and goodbye nurul nadia bt not ur boyfriend anymore.get a LIFE! :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

long time no see

hahahaha dh lame lahh sial xupdate blog ni.
byk plak nk xtau mane satu nk cter.
haha ntah lahh.mampus lahh,ak nk keep on updating blik lahh my blog ni.
hahahaha jjjyyyeeaahhhhh!!! :D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

right now

i dont know why why she's different rite noow.
hmmm..and also i dont know how my feelings towards she.
am i still love her? :(

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


babi lahh.masuk je klas dh byk keje.
bru je cuti kejap.ngan drawing lahh ape lahh.
cm babi.lecturer lakk cm babi.
sume stock suke kne jilatt.
bler dak2 pempuan2 duk pujuk ckit,ckp ckit dh cair.
ak,yol,cuki and shazzil dh kne aim.
xtau arr ape salah ktorg.
nk kte xwat keje,wat.dtg lmbt tuh,kdg2 arr.
tp nk compare ngan dak2 tuh,ktorg ag ok.
ntah lahh.babi nyer lect.arghhh!!


my phone is gone again.ak pon xtau arr cmne lehh ilang.
mybe ader petunjuk atau balasan ape yg ak wat slame ni.
masalah nyer ghaib dgn secara tibe2!tuh yg pelik tuh.
ak pown xtau arr.SHIT!! bout this,my parent still dont know yet.
what am i going to tell them?
mampus ak.tolong akk!! :(

Saturday, January 9, 2010

duet ohh duett.

babi!!duet msukk 300 siall ahh.
cmne ak nk hidop satu sem ni.
5 bulan kowt.
terpkse lahh minx kt ayah.mule cdg xnk,tp nk wat cmne.dh terdesakk.
hmmm..ikot hati nk je keje.
mls dh nk kalo xblaja,ape yg ak nk kejekn?
7E?hahahahahaha babi!!!sabor je lahh kn. :(

esok nk ke ipoh! :D

xtau arr nk beli ape,cdg just nk beli brg2 yg perlu.brg2 keje.
duet ngahh xdee nih.duet pt masuk ckit jew.
cm sial jew.xpe lahh,sakit skang,tp t sng nk membayar nyer.
kn?hahahahahahaha :P

why she cant accept me that im smoking.

ssh sgt kew?
ak tauu bnde tuh bhye,tp dh suke.
ak tau ader time nnti aku benti,tp bkan skang.
tlong lahh phmm.
satu jew ak minx,xbyk pown.ak tau yg ko syg kt ak,take care kt ak.
tp plssssss satu ni jgn ganggu ak.biarkn ak.
tau lahh ak jge diri sendiri.ak bkan nyer kacau sape2,ak men kn perasaan sape2.
ak dgn hal ak sendiri,tuh pown nk kaco.
lagi satu,ak haraplahh sgt2 yg dye brubah.tolong stop ape yg dye sedang wat kt ak ni.
dye xtau ape rse sbnarnye sakit dlm ati aku ni.tuhan je lahh yg tau.
ak minx maaf kalo ak xdpt nk kasi ape yg ko minx.but i will do my best.
but plsss dont this to me.kalo ak ader wat salah bgtau,blehhh ak perbaiki ape kesalahan ak.
plsss lahh nurul nadia bt amran.mybe ak byk maki ko,membuto kn ak hnye syg ko jew.
yaaa,mmg btol ak ader borak2,tego2 bdak pempuan laen,but doesnt mean that i like them.
ak hnye nk ko sorg jewww!!!plsss fhm..pls fhm yg wlaupon ak ke mane2,dgn sape ak bersame,pls fhm yg akk hnye syg ko sorg jew.i hope that she's gonna change.buang lahh keras kepale ko tuhh.xkemaneee.plssss.syg,i love u syg! :)

got a lot of work

siall ahh.
bru first week.dh mcm2 keje.nk mati lakk aku.
td bru wat first painting,smpi trase nk demam dhh.
mane x nyer,non stop sial.
kejap jew stop trun g makan jap,sap okok pas2 smbung blkk.
perghhh.arghhh!kuatlahh semangat ku ni.hahahaha :P