Saturday, September 18, 2010

the girl :)

man,i like her so much.i've told her that i like her and start to love first she like speechless and a bit sounds happy.she told me that she want to think.i said its okay.take a time.i dont push u to make a decision.okay.last two days,she told me about this.she said that she's not ready yet for a serious relationship and she afraid that mybe someday she hurt me and this will make the relationship 6 of us will brake.she dont want it and she said especially me.she also tell me that actually she likes me 2 but she's not ready yet.hmmm..that is her decision.i cant force her.i said that i've think about 6 of us 2..i dont want to lose us and also especially u.maybe someday u will accept me.we just go with the flow rite? i said dont make it okay.i dont know how to face her at the class.god,pls help me.i really2 like her.i dont know how to do it anymore.last night i cant sleep.i kept thinking about her.juliani johari,u have take my heart.hmm..i think i just have to accept it.irfan,kuatkan semangat!ok. :(

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