Sunday, January 29, 2012

what i'm gonna to take

is it graphic design or industrial design? fuck lah first i've heard that UiTM had come out with a new media.but when i want to apply for degree,XDE!! fuck lahh.janji there's 2 option.graphic or industrial? fine art memang tak ah.berat lahh course tuh.gile aku jap g.haha.dua dua aku minat.tapi entahh!! graphic dh ramai yg amek.industrial mcm susah.or or..should i go to another places? argghhhhh! god please help me.i don't want to make the wrong's my degree man! takleh main amek sukahati is for my future.what i'm gonna be?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the commitment

one day i think about my love i able to be a lover to any woman? at first i can't find the i get it.i am not.because i think, with my condition right now,i can't give any commitment to a woman that i will love.ok first i don't have fucking money.second,i don't think i can't spend more time with the woman.third, i'm afraid that i can't make her happy.they are many things that i have to think before i want to go a date.where i can't get the money? probably u need so damn the fucking,the food,gas for the car,toll.fuck! why,why,why?!! i don't want always ask my dad or my mom for the money.they also got something to buy,something to spend with the money.i want to give the best for my love partner.i know im not so that good but i will try.i wanna have a long long relationship and if can i wanna marry the girl.yeahh.i'm fucking serious about i said to myself.i just wanna go with the flow.if got one.i'll try to give the best commitment i got.i don't want to say that when i got a real job,then i start thinking about having a anything can feels really great when u use ur own i right what i'm saying? so now just go with the flowwwww! hahaha *if can get laid to any women,get laidd lah im joking. :D