Sunday, June 27, 2010

lastly :D

akhirnya,me and nurul nadia had broken sory sayang,i dont love u trying to love u back,but i cant.u had disappeared from ma life.i cant take it anymore,after what i've been through all this.u cheat at me,makes my heart brokes.i give u a chance but u never want to change it.u still doin the same thing.why huh?now,ko rase ape yang ak rase dulu.hows my heart feel.i've do everything to makes u change,but nothing,u want to blames me bcoz i never had a times for u.think dlu lahh.jgn nk men ckp jee.tgk kt cermin,ko tuh sory.hope u wont find me again,and i wont come back to u.ok.have a great life,change ur attitude,find a new one!thanks what hve u done for me. ok so long and goodbye nurul nadia bt not ur boyfriend anymore.get a LIFE! :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

long time no see

hahahaha dh lame lahh sial xupdate blog ni.
byk plak nk xtau mane satu nk cter.
haha ntah lahh.mampus lahh,ak nk keep on updating blik lahh my blog ni.
hahahaha jjjyyyeeaahhhhh!!! :D