Friday, May 27, 2011

Himpunan Hari Belia

go back

now its time to go back to my lovely seri iskandar.(eventhough its not seri at all).haha.ta fakkk man.malas sial nk balik sane balik.its like wanna go to hell man.arghhhh! irfan.think positive! u wanna get a a good guy.(untung lahhh...) hahaha.anyway,i've enjoyed so much in this holiday.eventhough tak lame cuti nyee.but im im gonna miss my house,my family,and all of my friends.shit.i hate this feeling. :( dh nk merepek agi.okay goodbye my hometown,HELLO seri iskandar! =,=

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Result

Alhamdulillah..firstly wanna say thanks to mom and lect and all of my friends.i dont know what to say when i got the result of this semester.i know,its not that tinggi markahnya.but as budak benak like me,its a big surprise cuz i can got this.HAHAHA.i hope next semester will be more better than this sem.Amin..ok lahh thats all wanna say.chows! (anyway its 3.24) :))

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Akar 1

This are some picture from Akar 1.Thanks to my bro,izzaz because take this pic and edit it.Its was held at Taman Budaya Shah Alam.Nice event.Lagi lagi Fynn Jamal :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Montage Cameron Higland Trip

This is my first montage or my first video editing.Its kinda 6 min long.Its about me and my class had a trip to cameron highlands.i know its a bit lame.just use windows movie comment.thats all.enjoy! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


gosh!i cant sleep!i don't know why i can't sleep.i think i got infected by the insomnia lah.shit.why huh? everytime nk tido jee,mesti macam2 bnda pikir.thinking about songs lah,thinking about what i'm gonna do tmrrw lah,thinking about her(haha rindu kot :P),macam2 lahh lagi..i felt jealous bile tgk org lain senaaaang je tido.tutup mata,then dh tidoo.perghhhhh!i wish i'm that type.god please let me sleep for a while.i need sleep.badan awok dh sakit2 dh nihh.nk tidooooooo!! :(

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A boy sad story :)

Got one story about a boy.this story is about one boy who love this one girl.the boy had fell in love with this one sweet and beauty girl.he liked this girl since he saw this girl for the first time.but he told to himself,"do i deserve to be with her?".it's kinda long time he didn't told to day,he can't hold it anymore.then he met this girl and told all about his feelings to this girl.all.but sadly,'cintanya hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan'.he so in love with this girl.everywhere he go,everything that he do,it's all related to his mind its all about her.but then he said to himself "i know i can't have your love but please let me love you from far long i can talk to you,i can see u that is enough for me.girl,once i love you,i'm always love you.although we are not together".then he did left a message for her."girl,if u have change your mind,i'll be there for you.please come". :)

Selamat Hari Ibu

Just wanna say selamat hari ibu to my lovely mum!haha i know this pic looks funny,but i like it.mak nampak comel!haha.mum,there's no other people in this world can replace u.u are the one and only in my heart.i know i've had done so many wrongs to u.i'm sorry mak! :P aku tak akan menjadi sebegini besar kalau mak takde disisiku.thanks mom!last word, i LOVE u mak!!! <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artworks Part 4

Alhamdulillah.all works has been done.hope its okay! :)

makan kawan

i think everyone know what makan kawan means rite? yaaaa,makan kawan,tikam belakang,'s all the same things.i don't know why we have this kind of people in this world.what do they get actually? satiesfied? its that it? LAME! aren't we as a friend should think of about each others feelings,have a give and take and chill always! am i right? yaaaa.i think what our folks said its true. "semua orang di dalam diri mereka mempunyai hasad dengki".actually i post this thing cuz i've got this one friend that had backstab me.i don't why he did this to me.i didn't do anything wrong to him.okayy,mmg aku ni sape nk halang halang kan.okay truthly its about a girl.dude,he know that i like this girl.but why he still want 'selang' me? WTF!yaaa its true,she's not mine.but u know right hows my situation with her.rite?are there's no other girls in this world? tak reti nak insaf ke? sebelom ni habis budak-budak lain punya pon kau nk,aku plakk!dude,stop it lahh.stop with your all bullshit stories.abis sume kau nk gebang orang.stop lahh.lives in true life lahh dude!hmm..dh lahh.i think if i talk to much,u wouldn't change either.haha.ritee? :D challos!