Sunday, May 8, 2011

A boy sad story :)

Got one story about a boy.this story is about one boy who love this one girl.the boy had fell in love with this one sweet and beauty girl.he liked this girl since he saw this girl for the first time.but he told to himself,"do i deserve to be with her?".it's kinda long time he didn't told to day,he can't hold it anymore.then he met this girl and told all about his feelings to this girl.all.but sadly,'cintanya hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan'.he so in love with this girl.everywhere he go,everything that he do,it's all related to his mind its all about her.but then he said to himself "i know i can't have your love but please let me love you from far long i can talk to you,i can see u that is enough for me.girl,once i love you,i'm always love you.although we are not together".then he did left a message for her."girl,if u have change your mind,i'll be there for you.please come". :)

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