Saturday, October 16, 2010

BBQ with classmates!

This BBQ was held also at Teluk Batik on was fun night.the best part is im drivinf a van!first time in my life.truthly it was horrible.not how the driving but the condition of the was fuck!but pg mampos lahhh.all of my classmates was there except balqis and nik.why u guys dont want to come?hmm..rugi.the cooking part was control by murni and the transportation by me.the night was really great and thanks to you all guys cuz celebrate my birthday eventhough its too early.haha.nevermind that night just had a bit dissapointed because teluk batik was rain.xkesahh lahh.redahh sudahhh.kannn? haha.lastly wanna say that is wass fucking great! hahaa LOVE U ALL :)

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