Saturday, October 16, 2010


man,i cant stop thinking about her.i always dream about her.serious i never felt like this before.for me,she is so special.her laugh,the way she talks,all lahh! this day,i go out and find a present for her birthday.but i dont know what to give i text to her but i lied to her because i dont want she know that im buying a present for asked her 'what a things that a girl always like?'.she said she dont know.okay lahh.then i ask her,where she at? then she replied she go out with her friend name syuk.!damn! it was hurt man.serious she wanna make me jealous?i dont know.u...the present is for u.ok.serious im jealous.i cant control it anymore man.yesterday was the best day in my life.going home with her,ride a bus with her.we had a long conversation.but when she wanna go back home,my heart was said,plss dont leave me.stay with me.then when i shake her hand,i felt that i wanna hold her hand tight and dont wanna let her leave.but i cant do nothing.because she is not mine.god,pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i like herr so muchh! :(

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